back to work

my first day back and has gone pretty well though i've realized that none of my shoes are going to be the same height as my medical boot... which means, i'll be limping AND bobbing up and down in the hallways but that's okay, at least i'm here... i couldn't fall asleep last night til almost 1:30am and watched 2 interesting shows on TLC - one re: the largest people in the world (700+ pounds) and the one re: the smallest people in the world (16 pounds)... both were sad in their own kind of way, esp. the one about small people - they so much want to be 'normal' and yet, its society's fault for making them feel 'abnormal'... they just want to live happy lives and yet because this condition is so rare, there's not much known about them - i just wanted to hug each one of them...

i was going to take the bus this morning but managed to get ready quicker than planned AND it was FREEZing outside... the metro station is less than 2 miles away and i managed just fine in the car, course it just takes me longer to walk and i about froze my ass off by the time i got into a train... what happened to the 50 degree weather we had on saturday? i so hate winter and its only just begun...

my stitches come out tomorrow so i'm very excited... hopefully i can begin some sort of exercise on wednesday - need to create a new weight routine too since its been two months... my goal is to go home tonight, do some pilates, make a nice dinner, and watch 24... :o)

happy monday...

Amanda  – (7:33 PM)  

i'm glad you had a good day today at your first day back!!!! good luck with getting the stiches out and getting back into exercising!!

iportion  – (7:38 PM)  

Good luck with your first day back


Kim  – (11:03 AM)  

Good luck with the stitch removal. I hope that it all goes well!! :)

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