enjoying the long weekend

i'm enjoying the day off from work, seems weird that i have to go in tomorrow since its my last day but there are things that need completed... eric will be leaving shortly to work on the harley (putting in a new engine) and i will be watching 24 so i'm ready for tonight's episodes... we had a busy day yesterday - ran to my mom's to setup her new tv stand/shelf and then had dinner at our favorite cuban place in celebration of our 2nd anniversary... the evening ended w/watching 2 episodes of rome and the show extras - very funny... :o)

saturday, i made it to spin class and that's all the exercise i've done this weekend... i then helped my mom rearrange her living room which was challenging since her place is very small and she collects a lot of things (thank god i'm not like her!)... being motivated, i went home, finished packing up my xmas decorations, and then decided to rearrange my own LR to make it easier for tv watching when my foot is healing... it also allows me to enjoy the fireplace more since the couch now faces in that direction - just wish it was more cold so i could actually MAKE a fire...

for those that have today off, i hope you're enjoying the day and for those that had to work - nah nah nah nah nah...

happy monday...

iportion  – (6:41 PM)  

have a fun time.

Teena  – (9:26 PM)  

Thanks for rubbing it in that we don't have the day off (here in Canada). Sob! Sob!

Becky  – (11:16 AM)  

OMG do you LOVE 24?!??!?!
LOVE IT!!!!!!
Yummy Cuban food, Happy Anniversary :)

Amanda (dean75)  – (3:29 PM)  

i forgot that your surgery was tomorrow {{{{{hugs}}}}} good luck with it and i'll be praying for you!!!

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