not a creature was stirring

i kept saying last night that i felt like i was jipped a vacation because i was sick most of the time but am actually happy to be back in a routine... there is hardly anyone in my office today and both the roads and metro were empty this morning, making my commute a breeze... i brought some magazines to catch-up on and my coworker brought in "marley & me" for me to read so i may start that as well... my mom is cooking christmas dinner tonight for my sister, brother and their families so eric and i will be heading there later and then that will be it for holiday meals...

my scale was down to 157.4 on christmas eve and had to laugh because i haven't been to the gym while being sick this past week... so maybe the secret to losing weight is NOT working out??? i haven't been starving myself either so i wasn't surprised to see it back up this morning but that's also because i made dinner yesterday and had crackers/cheese for a snack last night (mmm port wine cheese)... i made crabcakes, califlower au gratin, long grain rice, and a cranberry-almond pudding for dessert - not too shabby if i do say so myself... :o)

i was telling eric how it just didn't feel like christmas yesterday esp. since it was raining and not very cold outside... we haven't even talked about new year's plans and i'd honestly be happy with staying home, drinking margaritas, and watching some movies on his new 42" LCD TV... :o)

happy tuesday...

p.s. can you tell i'm bored? click here

Vickie  – (9:35 AM)  

THE ELF DANCE is too cute. Yes, you are bored - but that might count as relaxed and non-stressed too.

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