i broke down and bought the vera bag - its sitting by my desk and looking oh so beautiful... i can't wait to use it on the way home... my office is buzzing since our holiday luncheon just ended - i did good food-wise: had a mixed salad, grilled fish w/veggies, and only one tiny piece of pumpkin cheesecake... i also had 1 amstel light and a few sips of wine - eric and i shared a bottle of red shiraz last night and i came in w/a headache (i hate drinking wine just for that reason)... it did go nicely with the strombolis - i made them from the whole wheat pizza dough purchased from trader joe's... i'm sure the whole thing was like 12-15 points but it was very tasty... eric made a comment during dinner that he hopes i'm not always going to be obsessed with food and losing weight - i'm still not sure what to make of that... a part of me wanted to say, "i've always had an issue with my weight and probably always will" but i didn't, so i'll just move on...

my weekend plans are pretty open right now, minus going to the gym sat/sun since i'm skipping today (too full)... it IS pretty nice out so maybe i'll go for a walk when i get home - its in the 60s, if you can believe it... i think there was snow on the ground last year...

i haven't gotten anywhere w/the blogger comment issue - some have said if you switch browsers and/or clear your cache, it might work... but if not, those who are not on the beta version will eventually HAVE to switch over so maybe when that happens, you can comment again... either way, its pretty screwy since a lot of people have complained and no one's addressed it directly...

anyway, i hope you all have a great weekend...


Living to Feel Good  – (1:29 AM)  

Sounds like you made some good choices for your holiday party.

Sometimes I wonder if I will have to be obsessed about food my whole life too...I think the answer is yes if I want to be healthy.

No one said it would be easy.

Have a good weekend!

TC  – (9:16 AM)  

I truly believe that I will be thinking about what I eat for the rest of my life. I hate it, but that is what I have to do to keep my weight off.

Grumpy Chair  – (11:15 PM)  

When I don't think about what I am eating, I eat the wrong things and easily gain weight. Being conscious of food will have to become second nature for me, to keep losing and hopefully one day, attempt to maintain when at my goal.

Vickie  – (6:46 AM)  

I did finally get switched over to beta over the weekend.

I started back on your previous blog - read that and then read (here) through to current - fun to "catch up" with you/your life.

Dee  – (2:19 PM)  

Good for you for getting the bag. We all deserve to treat ourselves once in awhile!

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