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i'm not sure how it is where you live but in my area, the whole 'vera bradley' thing is just huge - like huger than huge... i never really understood the whole phenomenon and why anyone would spend $90 on a cotton, quilted purse... well, i asked a girl on the metro one morning where she got her bag and i did some research since i had no idea what they were... vera had released a new pattern : java blue : and that was it for me - i became obsessed and knew i had to have something w/that pattern (see photo)... i was in heaven and would paint my whole house in that color-combo (if i had one)... anyway, thanks to a coworker's boyfriend's mom, that has a gift shop in VA, i'm buying one at cost, AND decided to put my xmas bonus towards it so i'm only putting out $20 of my own money... merry christmas to me!!! i hope i don't become one of those people that starts buying all the matching accessories because i hate to say it, but their 2007 agenda is quite darling and would look perfect with this bag... :o)

my weekend was good - did everything that was planned as well as found out my hairdresser is pregnant... i thought she looked a bit tummy heavy back in october but have learned to not say anything because who knows if you'll offend the person... she laughed and said, "did you think i was just getting fat?"... it was cute so we talked about that pretty much the whole time - i don't even remember getting my haircut...

the rest of the weekend was spent relaxing with eric, watching a movie (american psycho, christian bale, mmmm), and watching the redskins lose terribly yesterday... i had taped some food network holiday specials (nigella and barefoot contessa) and realized i had already seen them... oh well, i watched them anyway and then was awake til 2am because apparently, orange cappuccino international coffee has too much caffeine... :o(

happy monday...

Amanda  – (4:25 PM)  

hey jodi! that's a beautiful bag, i'd be afraid to fill it, i had to downsize when i started carrying everything in my purse! lol!
i'm glad you had a great weekend and thanks for the compliment on my blog!
have a great day!

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