weigh-in wednesday

::: GAIN :::

this morning's number has put me in a funk, one that will probably last all day and i hate admitting that... seeing 159 the day after my weigh-in last week really made me feel good, and now seeing 160.4 has turned that feeling into sadness... i promised myself i wouldn't let this get to me but it has, even though i'm still in the range i wanted to be for the holidays... i know where i'm failing - its the same cockiness on the weekends, thinking i have a bit more than usual... god, when am i going to learn... and then i have to wonder why i'm so bothered because in a month, i won't be able to do anything because of my foot surgery... ugh, this totally totally sucks... i SO need a vacation, can you tell?

happy hump day...

p.s. i did manage to print-off my gym's group exercise schedule for next week so at least i can look forward to that...

Amanda  – (10:13 PM)  

hey jodi! don't feel too bad about your wi, maybe you just had too much sodium or something and are retaining some water? you've done awesome so far, just remember that! hang in there, girl:)

Dee  – (10:05 AM)  

Chin up! You've still made so much progress and this is SUCH a tough time of year to be trying to lose weight. Give yourself a break. I hope your day gets better, just think about your holidays coming up!

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