weigh-in wednesday

::: MAINTAIN :::

last night was my mom's christmas dinner so i'm not bummed that the scale remained the same, plus being i was 157.4 three days ago, i'm certain it will go back down again... she made herbed pork loin, scalloped potatoes, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, corn, cranberry sauce, rolls, pumpkin pie, cookies, and god knows what else... go mom!!! it was nice to see my brother and his girlfriend as well as my sister, her hubby, and nieces... they spent the night at my place so max was very happy to have so much attention and proudly woke us up at 6:30am to play... as a result, i'm very sleepy today and its still pretty quiet here so its going to be a very long day...

i will be glad when all this holiday stuff is over - i have one more dinner at my brother's on saturday so i can see my other niece and that's it... eric and i will be dog sitting for his brother on saturday night and both agreed that staying in for new year's is a perfect idea... the following weekend we're headed to pittsburgh for his family's festivus so that should be fun (and very cold i'm sure!) and then there's one more free weekend til my foot surgery... we haven't really discussed what we're doing for our 2-year anniversary - i'd like to do SOMEthing special and feel like if i don't take the initiative, nothing will happen... i did tell him since he only got me a book for christmas that he needs to step it up a bit for our anniversary... is it just me or are all men just not into the holidays?

happy hump day...

Sizzle  – (11:06 AM)  

i'd have to agree that most men don't seem that into the holidays. the ones i know wait until the very last minute to get gifts and cards.

:) sizzle

metamorphose  – (5:51 PM)  

I have to say my boyfriend did a wonderful job this year -regarding my Christmas pressies. Of course, this is our first Christmas together, so who knows? heh heh.

iportion  – (5:57 PM)  

mmm your dinner sounded yummy

Malnurtured Snay  – (12:44 AM)  

Ah, less than a week until I resume my diet.

Living to Feel Good  – (10:46 PM)  

Congrats on the maintain! I can only hope for one myself.

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