30 minutes and counting

i just had to share this holiday diet with you, its pretty funny... :o)

my day has been pretty good - i designed a flash holiday card, the boss left early, got my new cellphone, and am preparing to meet eric after work so we can ride home together... haven't seen him all week because of my foot and other stuff so it will be nice to see him... speaking of my foot, the sprain is getting better - i didn't go to the gym today so i'm hoping by tomorrow or sunday, i'll be able to at least go walking... i need to do something because its killing me (and the scale)...

and in other foot news, i've decided to have surgery on my right foot in january - this will be my 4th on the same foot and the 2nd time for hammertoes... i decided its best to do it now so i'm healed by spring/summer... my boss was totally cool about it - things have been slow here so there won't be a problem w/coverage plus i have a ton of sick time to use... she basically told me that my health is more important than work so that made me feel better... i'll be out for 1½ weeks and then will have the pins in for about 5 weeks... lets just hope it doesn't snow too much cus the only thing i'll have on my foot is a sock and one of those hideous surgical shoes (which i spray-painted black last time)... the thought of not being able to exercise makes me sick so i won't worry about it now... i'll just plan on doing a lot of pilates, yoga and drinking slimfast... just kidding...

have a great weekend everyone...

Anne  – (6:23 PM)  

Your boss is right , take care of yourself and then you can focus on exercising and stuff. Doesn't sound like a pleasant operation, take care.

Amanda  – (4:18 PM)  

hey jodi, i kept meaning to leave a message on your blog (which by the way is great!) but life kept getting in the way! that holiday diet is funny :) if only it were true! hope everything goes well for you foot, that must be a huge pain in the foot (no pun intended). have a great day!

p.s. i added you to my list of blogs that i read regularly! take care!

duenneschen  – (6:29 PM)  

uuummm....yeah, the holiday diet sounds like something i used to do....

sadly, ssssooo true....

Jeni  – (7:08 PM)  

Love that holiday diet. For some reason I always stuff myself silly at the movie theater, even though I know that buttered popcorn has about a billion calories. Sitting in the dark watching a movie means the calories don't count, right?

Living to Feel Good  – (12:40 AM)  

Ouch! Your poor feet. I hope everything goes well next month when you get the surgery.

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