i wish it was friday

my foot is getting better but its still not 100% and its really bumming me out... and to make matters worse, my right foot is hurting more than it used too so the thought of surgery (hammertoes) is becoming more real every day... i need to talk to my boss about taking time off (1½ weeks) next year, maybe in january so its healed nicely by spring/summer... i'll have the pins in for about 5 weeks - nice huh... sorry if i'm not in a talkative mood, i'm just not having a good week... :o(

sarah tagged me on her blog yesterday so here goes...


4 jobs i've had:
window display, administrative asst, victoria secret, and graphic designer

4 movies i watch over and over:
willy wonka, alien, gladiator, and bladerunner

4 places i have lived:
scranton, pa; brooklyn, ny; and maryland

4 tv shows i watch:
csi, my name is earl, the office, and weeds

4 places i have been on vacation:
england, france, italy, and mexico

4 websites i visit everyday:
cnn, msnbc, craigslist, and perezhilton.com

4 favorite foods:
pizza, mexican, warm crusty bread, and brie

4 places i'd rather be right now:
southern cali, tuscany, nyc, and puerto vallarta

4 favorite bands/singers:
depeche mode, tears for fears, madonna, and paul oakenfold (dj)

4 bloggers i'll tag:
belladora, becky, trish, and jackie

happy thursday...

snackiepoo  – (3:07 PM)  

You should some to SoCal!

I love Weeds and miss it already!

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