weigh-in wednesday

i saw a TINY gain this morning (.2 pounds) so that's two weeks in a row that i haven't seen progress... again, i'm not going to be upset and continue what i'm doing but sometimes its hard to accept the reality of weightloss... we all know the high you get when you're doing everything right - eating and exercising - and seeing the scale go down as a result... you feel invincible, powerful, and that you can accomplish anything... but on weeks where you don't lose - its easy to feel beaten down, weak, and like a failure... granted, not everyone goes thru these emotions but i bet most of us do and we can't help it...

we WANT to succeed and lose weight but damnit, its really hard sometimes... that's why i love my BB (blogger buddies) and enjoy reading about what THEY are going thru because you know what? we aren't alone in this weightloss world and reaching out for help is okay... whether its by doing your own thing or following a specific program, we need each other in some shape or form... maybe someone is sharing a recipe or workout routine or interesting article they found online... and even though i may not lose every week, i still feel like i'm helping someone out there and that my friends, is pretty damn cool... :o)

oh, and my cool-ass glasses are too tight and giving me a headache so its back to hour eyes this evening to have them adjusted... and the bare minerals is feeling pretty good today, its like wearing nothing on your face - very strange... :o)

happy hump day...

Jeni  – (3:17 PM)  

First off - LOVE the glasses! Very funky.

Second, you have such a postitive attitude; that is SO great to see. I have no doubt that if you stick with it and just keep doing what you're doing, the scale will go down. Keep it up girl!

TC  – (3:31 PM)  

I have been really struggling lately. After losing 66 lbs it just seems to have come to a screeching halt. But thanks to my BB I am still at it and still confident that this week is the week I lose again.


Living to Feel Good  – (2:40 AM)  

Ahhh to bad about your glasses being too tight. They looked fab though!!

I love blogging as it motivates me too. I know I'm not the greatest writer, but I try. I just like finding out about stuff like the LC for example! :D

Green Girl  – (11:00 AM)  

I know exactly what you mean about feeling good when everything is great, and beating yourself up when you see a gain. Oh, the mind games we play! That's why I try and stay away from the scale as much as possible, I get really worked up if I see that I gained when I thought I was doing so good!

BTW, I love your glasses too! I want to get very similar kind!

FAT BITCH  – (11:17 AM)  

Hi Jodi :)

I was nodding my head up and down at your diet-related talk because as you already know, been there - still there. :} We have to keep our attitudes positive or we might as well give it up and accept our bodies' weight.

I think we need one another's support like anyone who is trying to kick an unhealthy habit needs it, so I am grateful to yours and everyone else's. HUG :D

Sorry your glasses are being a pain in the face. They're so hip!!!!!!! :D

Belladora  – (11:31 AM)  

Your body is just balancing itself out. Just keep on track and it'll move down again:)

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