weigh-in wednesday

::: LOSS :::

the scale decided to be my friend this week and a show a loss of 1.4 pounds... of course, i think this is an evil trick considering tomorrow is thanksgiving but i'm close to my goal for the holidays (160) and i feel pretty damn good... visiting my sister always throws me for a loop because their house is full of stuff for the girls, chocolate for my sister, and then we usually eat out at least once so trying to stay OP is difficult... i stayed within my range and ate in moderation so that must count for something... knowing this, i feel better knowing i can have a TINY piece of pumpkin pie tomorrow without feeling quilty... AND as long as i get my exercise in (already checked the motel has an exercise room), i'll be in great shape... pardon the pun... :o)

TC  – (9:42 AM)  

congrats on the loss! That is wonderful

Tigerlilly  – (10:56 AM)  

Woohooo!! Great job on the loss!! Take advantage of those hotel gyms..

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dee  – (2:15 PM)  

Thanks for your always encouraging comments! AND congrats on a great loss this week!

Thankfully, I'm in Canada so my Thanksgiving has already come and gone (and I still managed to lose a whole pound that week!) Stay strong!

Lori  – (3:49 PM)  

Jodi, that's great news about your loss. And, I like your glasses too.

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving with your family.

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your great comments on AFG.

duenneschen  – (11:27 PM)  


congrats on the loss!

it's so great your close to your goal, you must be proud of yourself!

Living to Feel Good  – (3:01 AM)  

Congrats on the loss!! WOoHooO!! :D

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