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anne had some Q&A's on her blog today, so i thought i'd respond here...

1) why are you trying to lose weight?
i'm trying to be healthier w/my food and exercise so losing weight is just a bonus... ok, truth: i'd like to see a weight i haven't been since college BUT i would also like to be in good shape before i start having children (yea, i need to get married first)... ;o)

2) do you have a reward for yourself once you reach goal?
i haven't really thought of anything in particular but i've pondered getting one of my tattoos enlarged...

3) What food do you wish had zero calories and zero fat?
that would be (a) pizza or (b) anything mexican...

4) as you lose weight, what do you find yourself enjoying more?
i enjoy jogging on the treadmill because a year ago, i could barely run for 5 minutes... now on some days, i can go as long as 45 so i find that pretty amazing...

5) what's your new favorite low fat food/treat?
i would say lite laughing cow cheese and wasa crackers... or lowfat peanut butter on a banana...

what about you?

Jeni  – (8:57 PM)  

Hi Jodi. Thanks for posting this, I did the same on my blog. Fun stuff!

duenneschen  – (9:11 PM)  

glad you had a safe and fun weekend!

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