weigh-in wednesday

::: HOLY CRAP :::

the mistress of weightloss must be on my side this month because, once again, i saw a loss this morning AND i've made my first goal of 5 pounds... i can't tell you how happy i am and to see progress, after so many months, is very very encouraging... i knew my problem was that i wasn't getting enough cardio and switching to 3-4x week has helped, plus upping my jog-time on the treadmill isn't hurting either... i'm enjoying it now which is strange, i used to think it was hard and boring but its made me push myself harder (and longer) and that's what i needed... maybe someday i'll actually try jogging outside - HAHAHA! i've also been pretty careful about my points and haven't been using all my flexies so maybe that's helping as well... either way, i think shaking things up once in a while is a good thing so if you're in a rut, change your exercise routine or what you're eating and i bet you'll see the scale move in the right direction... :o)

one of my daily reads posted a link about a new diet plan called 'cinch' and after checking out the website - i found it to be nothing more than shakes, bars, special vitamins, special tea, customized menus, and wow - a tape measure... it reminds me a lot of another plan (slimfast) and even though that may work for some, i just can't see it being anything more than quick weightloss and not very long term... i like how the site looks but that's just my designer-voice speaking...

angry fat girlz has a great post about the holidays and how to really think what you like to eat and why... can we avoid everything? probably, but do we want too? is there ONE dish that you must have every holiday and it wouldn't be the same without it? for me, it would have to be either my mom's sweet potato casserole w/marshmallows OR the coconut cookies she used to make for my grandfather... neither are very healthy but oh, are they tasty...

and kudos to other weekly losers... belladora,
duenneschen, jackie, trish, pastgirl, hali, and mucho congrats to hilly on losing 8.2 pounds this week... great job ladies!

happy hump day!

Belladora  – (1:03 PM)  

Awesome job on the loss!!!! You are seriously on a roll:)

snackiepoo  – (3:11 PM)  

Thank you and CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU....you are rocking the weight loss!

pastgirl  – (3:21 AM)  

Yay YOU!! Downwards is such a nice direction!

pastgirl  – (3:24 AM)  

P.S. Just scrolled down and checked out your crazy pumpkin and most excellent costumes. LOL!! Plus, you look great!!

duenneschen  – (6:26 PM)  


weigh to go!!!

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