weigh-in wednesday

::: MAINTAIN :::

so such luck this week but i'm okay with it, really... i've had a great few weeks and knew my body would catch-up eventually - i'm not going to be upset because i know i'm doing the right things... i'm eating well and definitely exercising so i'll keep doing what i'm doing and let my body decide what it wants to do... of course i WANT to keep losing but i'm trying to be realistic knowing not all weeks are going to be losing ones and that many will say, "some weeks you lose and some weeks you don't"... its a fact of life, end of story, and i'm moving on... my goal is to get under 160 by the holidays and then maintain til the new year - if i lose more, then great but if not, i'm okay with that too... :o)

and speaking of maintaining, here are some tips to keep your weight in check...

i've been thinking about posting some clothes on here, sort of like how michelle did... i have a lot that i'm getting rid of and though some are definitely goodwill quality, some are pretty nice and i wouldn't mind getting something back for them... is that totally cheesy??? i still haven't decided yet plus i have to take pics of everything which isn't something i look forward to doing after work... sometimes i just want to chill out and do nothing...

anyway, happy hump day...

Tiff  – (2:20 PM)  

I read your post after I posted my own but thanks... I didn't lose any today either and I truly believe it is due to water retention so I am still looking forward to next week but you made me feel better... I am not doing all the right things but more than I was.

Happy hump day to you too!

Anne  – (10:22 PM)  

Congrats on the maintain. I'd rather have one of those any day!

Dee  – (10:17 AM)  

Good job on the maintain! Thanks for your suggestion about checking Amazon.com for the DVD I'm looking for. It turns out it is cheaper new than the other places I've looked!

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