could someone please turn up the heat

happy monday, everyone, hope you all had a great weekend... i drove thru my first batch of snow already, the weather is so crazy where my sister lives and its in the same, damn state (high elevation)... go figure... my mom, sister, nieces, and i had a good time hanging out, shopping, and eating - i think i did okay but nothing stellar... i didn't exercise sat/sun but made a point of going to the gym on friday before i left so that's good... i noticed that the earlier it is, the harder it is for me to jog for longer periods of time - anyone else go thru that? i just couldn't keep up a steady pace for some reason... perhaps i was preoccupied w/getting on the road...

i posted my clothing on craigslist last week and have two potential buyers stopping by tomorrow night, so that makes me happy... i'll probably donate whatevers left OR find a consignment shop, depending on the brand, some places are very picky... and speaking of brands - i almost bought this incredible pair of low, pointy-toed boots on saturday by ralph lauren for $50 but they were a ½ size too big and a bit too narrow... one of these days i'll find THE pair so the search continues...

i'm happy this week is going to be short because i'm in NO mood to work... good thing there's not much going on so that gives me time to read what my BB's have been up too... it also doesn't help having friday off because it was incredibly difficult to get up this morning - i just wanted to snuggle in bed with eric and the kitties... i woke up when it was still dark and had pushed him to the edge of the bed, with no covers, and both kitties were laying behind me... pretty funny...

happy monday...

Belladora  – (3:59 PM)  

145 feels just like everything still have more to lose though, so I think that's why. My pants have been getting looser though...


duenneschen  – (9:25 PM)  

amen to a short week!

surprisingly the roads are more packed this week than they were last week (deer hunting season opened last week!)

to a great week!

Becky  – (9:49 AM)  

you look so fab in your pics! seriously, woman, you are looking fierce!!
I hope you are having a wonderful week - enjoy the holidays! :)

Tiff  – (10:46 AM)  

I hear ya on the short week!!! Yahoo!

Good for you for at least getting in some exercise before the weekend... that counts or something!

Have an awesome holiday!

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