sorry i didn't post yesterday, my boss was out so things were pretty busy here... i did update my photo last night so you can see a current pic and know what i really look like (sans mr. wolfman)... i think i will wait til my next goal to take some full-body shots - it will be interesting to see how i've changed since weighing 179 a year and half ago... and speaking of losing, i heard that kirstie alley is going to have her bikini-reveal on monday's oprah, i may have to tape that one... since doing jenny craig, i think she looks awesome so good for her for keeping her word... :o)

i'm glad its friday and am looking forward to spending it w/eric, i haven't seen him all week since he was sick and i was busy... we are having 'date' night on saturday and plan on going to our fav. cuban restaurant for dinner, and perhaps take a trip to the national zoo during the day... i feel we should spend more time doing couple things and thought having monthly date nights would be good for us - he agreed... we also agreed that going to therapy every other week would be good so it allows us to actually apply the techniques he is teaching us to
tackle problems and communicate better... all in all, i think things are going very well so i'm happy... and of course on sunday, the skins play their rivals the cowboys at 1:00pm - i may have to wear BOTH my lucky shirt and hat for the game... GOOOO SKINS!

i met some really cute golden retriever pups this morning, nike and tigger - OMG they were the most adorable puppies ever... eric and i have discussed getting a dog (when we live together) and feel retrievers would be a nice, mellow breed and get along better w/max and norman... she gave me the name of a breeder in PA so i looked them up online and about died looking at all the litter pics... what is it about puppies anyway, how can you not feel all happy and gooey after seeing them (go here if you don't believe me)... nike gave me a nice kiss when i knelt down to pet him and i swear his legs were the size of redwoods... yikes...

well, that's all i got for now ladies... hope you all have a great weekend... :o)

Anne  – (10:46 AM)  

Nice pic :)
I agree those puppies are to die for. I would love a Golden.

Have a great weekend!

metamorphose  – (10:59 AM)  

Very cute pic!

Oh puppies. Le sigh.

Kim  – (11:23 AM)  

Hey Jodi! Just wanted to tell you that I love the new pic you posted! What a hottie you are!! And I'm really happy to hear that things are improving with you and Eric! YEAH!!!

Tiff  – (10:10 AM)  

your pic looks great!!! Woo hoo!

And I love Goldens... I'm afraid if I look at the site I will want one... ahh.

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