weigh-in wednesday

::: GAIN :::

i told you last week was a farce but that's okay, its only 1.2 pounds and i know it will come off again... i'm not sure how soon though, i twisted my ankle last night as i was walking to the metro... i didn't fall, thank-god, but it was enough to make me sit down and regroup... i was on the verge of tears and very flushed but managed to get home and put some ice on it... this was after driving a stick-shift, so talk about painful... its not bruised but its very sore and a bit swollen - i bought an ankle brace-thing this morning and will skip the gym today... at least i'll be able to do pilates tonight but i'm a bit upset that i can't do cardio... :o(

besides my foot drama, things are pretty mellow so far this week... i really should get out my christmas stuff and begin decorating so maybe that will be my goal for this weekend... i have a cute, skinny, artifical tree that i put a gazillion lights on a few ornaments but not many since max likes to play with them... he ruined about 10 glass balls the 1st xmas i had him so i tend to stay more 'pet-friendly'...

happy hump day...

p.s. i treated myself to a starbuck's gingerbread skim latte this morning and later found out, even without the whipped cream, it was 5 points... just kill me... and make it quick...

snackiepoo  – (10:34 PM)  

I totally know how easy it is to let the frustration eat at you but remember that there is no way that gain is becoming a permanent resident on your bootay!

duenneschen  – (11:48 PM)  

oh lordy...

don't you hate that?! finding out the POINT value after you've already consumed an item!!!

eh, no biggie....we WILL prevail!

Living to Feel Good  – (2:43 AM)  

How did you like that latte? I tried it two weeks ago..didn't care for it. I think I like the pumpkin and white chocolate way better. BUT I also could have had a bad one that day. They aren't always consistent at old buckers.

I hear you on the animals and trees. The kittens have taken all the lower ornaments off one of our trees already.

No worries about the gain. You expected it, and I have no doubt you'll lose it fast.

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