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blech, i just had a crappy lean cuisine (macaroni & beef) and had to supplement it with a WW yogurt smoothie, which are pretty tasty... nothing worse than being hungry and not being satisfied, at least i have some good snacks in my drawer for later... i WILL be making turkey meatloaf tonight, come hell or high water, so at least i know i'll be having a healthy dinner... oh, i stepped on the scale this morning and was down a pound... figures right...

i was a bit disappointed in last night's LOST finale - i liked the whole kate story but think the sex scene w/sawyer could've been left out... i'm no prude or anything but do they really want us to believe they had sex in that cage, with cameras all around? when was the last time they took a shower anyway... it couldn't have been very romantic either and we all know, she doesn't LOVE him... my hope is to see her w/jack again but now i'm not sure if that will happen. esp. after he saw them on the monitor (eww)... i can't believe we have to wait three f-ing months for it to come back... they should just do it like '24' does, run the whole season from jan - may and be done with it...

there's not much else going on today... i may go and find some new glasses after work, i have money left in my flex-spending acct. and even though my RX hasn't changed that much, its time for some new, cool frames... my boss and coworker are also out tomorrow (veterans day) so i plan on coming in late - not because i can but i forgot to get my car's emissions thing done and now its overdue (and i have to pay a damn late fee!)... i'm usually not the type to forget things but going back and forth to eric's gets me frazzled sometimes - i forgot my cellphone AND my coat last weekend... :o)

anyway, hope your week is going well... happy thursday...

duenneschen  – (9:06 PM)  

seriously...scales should be banned!!

perhaps a governmental institution could be created where we have to pay to get ourselves weighed...

hhmm...i really, really like that idea!

Anne  – (9:32 PM)  

Congrats on the loss!
I was also dissapointed in the show last night. Jack is getting on my nerves.

snackiepoo  – (11:18 PM)  

Oh your title now has me thinking of "Weeds" and wishing the season had not just ended.

I am totally sick of the "fall finale" craze. They are doing it with other shows that I like too; I seriously have to remember what happened two months ago?

Sawyer IS damned hot but yeah, wouldn't he have stank?

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