i hate the smell of burnt popcorn

when i first started this weight loss journey, i was new to the whole blogging and message board thing... i had done research online about various plans but never really knew anyone else that was going thru the same thing i was... one of first blogs i began to read was reneegetsfit and for those that are familiar w/that site, know about the struggles she's been going thru... over the weekend, renee posted some very heartfelt and pretty inspirational videos, discusses what's been going on, and what she plans on doing to get back on track... i have to say, she's one of the few bloggers that got me into all this so i just wanted to say thank-you... so if you have the time, please check out her site and say hello...

another blog posted this really great list of things we do when we self-sabotage our weightloss efforts... some of these really hit home to me, esp. how old habits are comfortable, how making a change is hard, and how terrifying it is to not know what's going to happen... interesting read...

my weekend was good, eric and i hung out at home on friday and watched 'thank-you for smoking' - it was excellent and i highly recommend it... i did fairly well food-wise at my friend's party on saturday but i did have 2 mimosas and 2 small cookies... everything else was pretty healthy like pasta w/shrimp and asparagus, humus, baked pita chips, spinach dip, dark bread, and cheese... and i didn't have ONE brownie that i brought (yay me!)... sunday was pretty relaxing - i watched football with eric and then played a few racing games on the xbox... i didn't exercise sat/sun but made up for it today - my treadmill routine was 5 mins at 5.5 and then 5 mins on a small incline at 5.0... talk about hard, OMG! i'm not much of a sweater but today, that was not the case (and it felt pretty good, is that gross)...

hope you all had a great weekend! :o)

Anne  – (7:06 PM)  

Yeah for good workouts and not eating brownies!! :)

TC  – (10:33 AM)  

Sounds like you did really well. I love the treadmill. My dream is to one day own one of my own.

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