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for those of you that were able to see kirstie alley's bikini reveal yesterday, what did you think? here are some things she said after coming out on stage and talking w/ms. oprah...

“... i don't think we ever feel like we're good enough. we don't feel like we're thin enough or pretty enough or smart enough or work hard enough. and we are good enough,” she said.

“the bikini thing is neither here nor there, other than the fact, you know, I am 55 years old. so I thought — come on, we are all good enough. and we look good enough. we are not our bodies.”

“we can decide to change anything — at any age,” alley said. “what I hope for all women is they feel good about themselves, they look the way they want to look.”

i really like the last quote and am trying to focus on THAT instead of what the scale says... even though i was up 2 pounds this morning when i peeked, i have to remember being able to jog 4 miles is WAY more important than what i see number-wise... i DO feel good about myself and how hard i have been working-out... i DO feel good that i said “no” to dessert on saturday night when eric and i went out to dinner... and i DO like the way i look esp. when i wear clothes that fit me and not hide my body (which we're all guilty of)... so what say you, my blogging buddies, what do YOU feel good about these days?

i had a nice weekend and accomplished something i've never done before - i went for a walk on sunday before the redskins game (which was AWESOME!!!) and ended up jogging... granted, i walked up the hills but i didn't give up and kept going til i got back to the house... i also had eric drive me around in the truck so i could clock how far it actually was, granted it was under 3 miles but still - i did it and it felt great... and yesterday, instead of stopping at my usual 30-40 mins. on the treadmill, i kept going for 45 mins. and that my friends, was pretty awesome... its taken me a long time to get to this point and yea, i still have to stop once in a while but i'm doing it and i plan to keep at it... perhaps doing a 5k in the spring is actually feasible now... :o)

happy tuesday...

Belladora  – (11:55 AM)  

I saw Oprah when I got home (I Tivo it everyday) and was more impressed with the fact that she's 55 and did it than that she actually did it. Obviously the 'stripper hose' help things along. I wouldn't do it...that much I know! She looked great though.

Jeni  – (12:10 PM)  

I thought she looked great - and I think the comment "we are not our bodies" was just perfect. I need to remember that every day, because sometimes I get so obsessed with my weight that it seems like it's the only thing in my life. Well it's not, and I thank KA for reminding me of that yesterday.

Tiff  – (1:16 PM)  

YAY! It sounds like you are doing great... makes me want to get out for a walk myself.

Kirstie looked great! Being 55 or not she looked better in a bikini than I would at this point so major kudos to her! I agree with Jeni and I have to remember that mmy weight isn't who I am...

~Les  – (11:36 PM)  

Those are interesting quotes. I have it Tivo'd so I really can't wait to watch it.

That last quote is great, you should definately focus on that!


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