the worst/best day day of my life

in all fairness, hilly used my question for her new blog series entitled, "put words into my mouth"... i am honored and thought it would be good to answer the same question i gave her - what has been your worst and best day of your life, so far?

the worst day of my life would have to be the day my mom told me she was moving out and leaving my father... i remember laying on the living room floor, reading the newspaper, and just crying uncontrolably... i was 16, a sophmore in HS, and suddenly forced to decide where i was going to live - with her or with my dad... i chose to stay w/my dad because the thought of leaving the house i grew up in was too much to handle but in the end - staying was probably the wrong idea... my father suffered from depression and didn't work during the winter (he was a mason) so i basically ran the house til summer - cleaning, cooking, paying bills, going to school, and working... i remember crying every, single day when i got home from school and had no one to turn too since divorce was still unheard of back then (my brother and sister were much older and out of the house)... i've been told that situation made me the person that i am today - independent, organized, and thrifty but i can't help but feel i was denied some of my mid-teenage years... today i know that my mom made the right decision but at the time, i just couldn't believe it was happening and happening to me...

answering the next part is much more difficult - if i was married or had kids, it would easy but i'm single... what defines 'best' - an emotional feeling? a physical feeling? both? meeting eric has definitely been a highlight of my life and the day i realized he was the man i wanted to marry, will always be permanenty etched in my head... sitting in a lounge chair, drink in hand, watching the sunset, in mexico last year was pretty damn good too... driving down the coast of california, with my best friend from college, was incredibly invigorating esp. since i had lost my job and had no idea what i was going to do next... and getting down to 149 almost 3 years ago was a pretty awesome day - too bad it didn't last... HA!

and now for something fun, make your own snowflake below...

Need a Snow Day?

happy tuesday...

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Thanks for doing this and it truly is hard to pick one, isn't it?

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