can i get fries with that?

spring must be in the air because my eyes are feeling it - itchy and watery - gotta love allergies... they say it will be near 80 today and if that's true, i am going for a nice, long walk when i get back from the doctor's office this afternoon - i'm going for my final check-up and i'm assuming he'll give me the green light for walking/jogging again (even though i started yesterday, shhhhh)... i'm also going to ask him about my left foot and how many toes he thinks he'll need to straighten, if and when i decide to have that one fixed... it hasn't been bothering me as much so maybe since my right foot has healed, the pressure has been taken off that one (fingers-crossed)...

i started the C25K yesterday and it felt great - no foot pain at all which was awesome - and i wasn't as winded as i'd thought i'd be maybe my body remembers where i left off... i am looking forward to doing this 3x week as well as getting a good walk in everyday, if my schedule allows... my training w/the runners group begins april 10th and the race will be june 16th - less than 12 weeks away (gulp)...

eric and i had a nice time in pittsburgh - we got to spend a lot of time w/his dad in rehab, as well as with the rest of his family... eric said he looked 10x better than when he was in florida so that's good, plus he's getting minimal feeling in his left leg - his arm will need more work... they also think he may have some attention/focusing issues, which can be the result of a stroke, so that will need to be addressed along w/all the other therapies he's been doing... he was able to play a few games of gin (he cheats!) even though i think he would have rather watched basketball... :o)

for lunch on saturday - eric took his mom, sister, and i to a pittsburgh staple in the strip district called the primanti brothers... this place is open 24/7 and serves the food markets along the river, as well as many bars and clubs that are nearby... they serve all kinds of sandwiches (fried balogna, sardines, egg...) with french fries and coleslaw ON the sandwich itself... and in case you don't believe me - this was my lunch and yes, it was amazing... :o)

happy tuesday...

marie  – (11:08 AM)  

that sandwich is 10 kinds of wrong. what exactly is in it? please don't tell me you got the sardines....

Christina  – (12:15 PM)  

Oh my god,
Jodi I want that sandwich NOW!!!!!!!!yum yum. I can't believe it is that warm where you are, I am coming to live there, I am happy when it is plus 8 here. I hope that the doctor gives the green light to go ahead with the run, have a great day :)

PearShapedGirl  – (1:22 PM)  

Ohhhhh, that sandwich looks incredible!! I love weird ingredients like that on a sandwich, anything goes!! Yummmm.

I'm glad to hear that the C25K went well for you and that your foot isn't bothering you. I started Day 1 Week 1 this morning, and BOY, was I winded. Yikes, it can only get better, right? ;)

Take care,

duenneschen  – (3:16 PM)  

oh...that sandwich looks delish!

glad you had a great weekend!!!

iportion  – (4:10 PM)  

That looks evil but tasty. Is it bad of me to say I want both sides.
That would have to have one major workout.

Chris H  – (4:12 PM)  

Far out ... that sandwich is enourmous!!! You mentioned having toes straightened... I've had that done (hammerlock toes)... soooo painful!

Hilly  – (5:17 PM)  

Oh I so want to go to an Italian Deli right now!

Kim  – (11:24 PM)  

Hey Jodi! Glad you had such a great weekend! I haven't been to primanti's in WAY too long. To think, back in the day me and my friends would go there to eat that sandwich after we had spent the entire evening at the bars and clubs on the stip. Oy vey!!

Ro  – (9:45 AM)  

Jodi...why oh shy the sandwich. I looks so yummy. Can you send me a piece :)

I am so proud of you that you have started the C25K....I know you will rock it out!

Greta & Gurdy  – (10:34 AM)  

SO glad your foot is feeling good with the running! Good luck at the doc's.
OMG that sammy looks AMAZING!

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