spreadable cheesecake

not going to NYC was a good decision - it is snowning like crazy right now... the show contact never called my sister back either so she had to break the news to my nieces who were very upset... i, on the otherhand, enjoying doing my pilates workout this morning and will be doing cardio this afternoon... the scale was up but i'm not fretting - its only a number and i'm trying my best to focus on the here and now... its amazing how much of a burden is lifted off your shoulders when you stop worrying about the little things... :-)

new product alert: i was on the metro this morning and one of the newspapers i read highlights new products once a week... today is was all about cheese-related things so i was THRILLED to see philadelphia making cheesecake filling that's ready to go... i couldn't find a nutritional info and i'm sure its not the best but how cool of an idea - i imagine this would be SO tasty on graham crackers or vanilla wafers... they also had a new squirtable cream cheese but i was unable to find anything online about it but i will as soon as i find it though... gotta love new products! :-)

for all you coffee lovers: get free, brewed coffee during "starbucks coffee break" on march 15 from 10am to noon... starbucks will host its first-ever starbucks coffee break, inviting customers across the country to enjoy a complimentary cup of freshly brewed coffee... yaa hoo, me loves starbucks... :-)

new website: for those of you that are fans of sparkpeople, they have launched a new website called --> sparkrecipes.com... i'm definitely going to check this one out because it looks like you can calculate your own recipe's nutritional information which is excellent! check it out...

i'm sure i'm the only one that watches 'dirt' on FX but has anyone seen the previews for their new show 'the riches' with eddie izzard and minnie driver? it looks pretty interesting so i may give it a shot next monday night... i'm also psyched that 'workout' will be back on bravo, starting march 20, so there's much to look foward too this month tv-wise (at least for me anyway)... i'm not into the whole heros, grey's anatomy, or desperate housewives thing so i tend to watch more cable-related shows... wonder when 'girls next door' starts up again...

happy hump day...

metamorphose  – (2:15 PM)  

Haha. I love how you admit to watching "Girls Next Door."

I'm the same -no "Heroes" or "Grey's" for me. I think that new Minnie Driver show does look interesting.

Spreadable cheesecake filling? I certainly could get behind that.

Anne  – (2:55 PM)  

The cheesecake filling, bring it on!

kelly  – (3:36 PM)  

the girls next door premiered this past sunday, you didnt miss anything though, i'm sure E! will replay it 25 times before the next one airs.

i watch dirt!! its good. that reminds me, it hasn't been popping up on my tivo lately and i'm sure one of my roommates cancelled the recording. reason number 345 to move into my own apartment.

i saw the cheesecake filling at the grocery store: it's huge! like 3x the size of a cream cheese container. i don't trust myself around that much cheese :\

KL  – (4:35 PM)  

Yummy cheesecake. I don't think I trust myself that much either.

Reason #5,000,00 I'm glad I live alone: No one ever touches my tivo. Are you kidding?

I watch Housewives but none of the others. I'm an Idol junkie. Don't tell anyone.

Ro  – (4:50 PM)  

I heart sparkpeople. I have been using it for what seems like close to a year. It is really helpful!

TrixieBelden  – (5:30 PM)  

i got into "heroes" by watching it online. i do enjoy "the girls next door," they amuse me. i also think "the riches" looks interesting. i might flip over to it next monday night. i always feel guilty when i don't watch new shows that catch my eye, but i'm not a nielsen home so my viewing really doesn't count one way or the other! :)

marie  – (7:46 PM)  

that spread better be available in Canada too...*drool*

iportion  – (10:38 PM)  

mmmm cheese cake with jam

luckyzmom  – (2:42 AM)  

Finish reading The Secret.

Sonya  – (5:44 AM)  

Never thought about cheescake spread on graham crackers...YUM!!!

Twisted Cinderella  – (8:55 AM)  

Oh, I love sparkespeople. I am heading over to check out that link now! thanks.

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