a frozen meal must

i haven't done a product review in a while so after having this lunch yesterday, i just HAD to write about it... if you're a fan of lean cuisine, then you will love their butternut squash ravioli - there were tons of veggies (twice the normal amount) and the sauce was incredible... though the points are high (7), its totally worth it - so look for it the next time you are grocery shopping... you can thank me later... :o)

my dentist appt. went well, teeth and gums look good and most importantly, i have no cavities! i even got a new toothbrush and purse-size floss so who can complain about that! i also asked her about how white my teeth looked and she said they're pretty white - i had done the whitestrips thing a few months back and can never tell how well it works... and i'm also mesmorized but the actors on tv and how white their teeth are - my dentist calls them 'chicklet teeth' which is pretty funny...

after my appt., my mom and i did some shopping - i stocked up on a ton of frozen fruit and bought some vanilla whey powder so i can start making smoothies again... i thought it would be a nice change from eating cereal some mornings, even though i could live on special k w/berries... yum-mo...

even though i'm not really counting my weekly weigh-ins, i updated my sidebar regardless... :o)

happy hump day...

Anonymous –   – (12:57 PM)  

Hi Jodi
I saw you posted on marie's blog and thought I would just say hi,
Way to go on the no cavaties, if ever you want to stop by my blog have a look, I would like to add you to my blog list if that is ok
have a great day

~paige~  – (3:08 PM)  

hey there
saw your post on marie's blog too! i was reading some of your older entried and see in your birthday picture a mini in the back ground. do you drive a mini? i have a black and white one!

iportion  – (4:13 PM)  

I am so happy about your teeth

mmm and the meal sounds yummy

k  – (5:38 PM)  

I love that frozen meal...I was so surprised and now it's a staple "just in case"

Twisted Cinderella  – (9:10 AM)  

I love butternut squash! I'll bet that I would really like that meal.

kelly  – (10:37 AM)  

i heard that was yummy, i will have to try it :)

website i like: heat eat and review

they review frozen dinners and stuff, it's helpful bc i love me some lean cuisines.

Greta & Gurdy  – (10:40 AM)  

OOo, that meal looks SO YUMMY! I will def try that one! I don't eat too many forzen meals but some days they really hit the spot. Thanks!

Sonya  – (11:13 AM)  

That ravioli looks delicious! Thanks for reviewing it.

And yay for good teeth!:-)

Alissa  – (8:44 AM)  

I just wanted to let you know I took your recommendation and had the Butternut Squash Ravioli yesterday for lunch and oh my GOSH - to die for! Thanks for the heads up!

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