sleepy saturday

eric didn't go to p'burg because of the weather so no cat-sitting for me this weekend... i had to come home last night because max was here - it was sleeting and then turned to snow so i was glad to be off the roads... we got a few inches but its beginning to melt - i will be glad when this crap is over! this morning i did some house cleaning and then will be heading to the mall later to do some shopping with a girlfriend... not sure about the rest of the weekend but that's okay, i don't mind having some free time... :o)

speaking of shopping - slickdeals had a link to a great deal on crocs yesterday - i've heard great things about those shoes and considering the problems i have w/my feet, i figured i would give them a try... go here and then do a search for crocs - you can get $10 off and then if you register on the site, you can get an addition 10%... i got a pair for $18 with free shipping and no tax! check it out... :o)

thanks for all the comments on the couch to 5k program... since my goal is to be able to do a 5k, i thought why don't i see if can find one in my area for later in the year... a few clicks later, i found a local road runners club that is starting a program for beginners in april, which will lead to a race in june...
they meet twice a week and although i'm terrified - i'm also very excited to meet new people and have some fun... if you're interested in finding a 5k in your area, click here and halfway down the page you'll see 'race finder'...

well, i need to finish up a few things, hop in the shower, and head to the mall... i hope you're all having a great weekend and stay warm... :o)

happy saturday...

Anonymous –   – (1:36 PM)  

Your Saturday sounds just like mine...lazy and relaxed. We have had a ton of snow so my butt is staying indoors. Thanks again for the email on the run. I think its great that you joined a running club, it will help you stay committed and get you to your goal race. Have a great Saturday :)

Anne  – (1:56 PM)  

Congrats on doing a 5k! I know you will love it!

Sonya  – (5:07 PM)  

I joined a running clinic before I ran my first 5K (a couple of summers ago), and it was an awesome experience. You'll feel so accomplished when you're done - and very fit!

I'm doing the C25K again right now, and I'm looking forward to checking in on you!

Have a great weekend.:-)

iportion  – (8:27 PM)  

I love my imitation crocs :-)

Chris H  – (10:23 PM)  

Hmmm, those Crock shoes are making a huge impression here in New Zealand too.... but personally I don't like them... I wonder if they are comfortable? You must tell!

duenneschen  – (10:26 AM)  


thats so cool that you have a road runners near you. that should totally get you motivated!!

happy sunday!

marie  – (3:56 PM)  

yay for running! i just started running with a group in a 10km clinic. i was totally nervous but i'm finding it sooo much fun and they're all so friendly! good luck!

lovelines  – (1:21 AM)  

Ooh how exciting! I've always wanted to run a 5K, but I'm also a beginner. That runners club sounds fantastic. Good luck!

Living to Feel Good  – (2:34 AM)  

My mom has crocs. She LOVES them, and I've seen tons of people wearing them, so they must be doing somethng right since people love them. My mom likes them so much she bought a couple different colors.

Congrats on signing up with a running club! I did the C to 5K and had great results...I ran for 60 mins straight!! :D

Grumpy Chair  – (9:41 AM)  

Though, I personally do not have crocs, my children wear them all the time. Best part about them: they are odorless - no more little boy (he's 10) stinky sandals. I bought a pair for my dad last summer and he loves them too. Hope you love them as much and thanks for the links - we usually pay $29/pair.

I too, decided to do the Couch to 5K a couple of weeks ago. We have so much going on in March, that I can not start "training" until April.

And I picked up two of the LC butternut squash ravioli's you wrote about. I plan on having one for dinner tonight.

PearShapedGirl  – (1:27 PM)  

Crocs are super comfortable. I hate the look of them and refused to buy them, but Hubby and I needed some waterproof shoes with grip for climbing waterfalls in Jamaica on our honeymoon. We were advised to get Crocs, so I caved. Now, I still don't wear them out of the house (haha), but I like to wear them inside the house when I'm cleaning or cooking.

Good luck with your running clinic! I've been advised (by everyone who knows I want to run a half-marathon) to join a group/clinic, but I'm terrified. I'm not one for group exercise, but maybe I'll have to give in. Best of luck!

Take care,

k  – (7:09 PM)  

Oooh...Snackie and I tried on Crocs yesterday...I was a Croc virgin. I'm thinkin' they would be great for gardening...but out in public, not so flattering. I'm all about the pointy toe'd mule, I need all of the slenderizing I can get. Enjoy your cheap find!

TrixieBelden  – (3:13 AM)  

i think it is AWESOME that you found a local road runners club. i am sure you won't be the only terrified person when you show up the first evening. you are going to love being surrounded by people who are interested in accomplishing the same thing as you.

i hope the trip to the mall was successful!

Ro  – (9:56 AM)  

Thanks Jodi...yesterday was day one and it went pretty well. I cant wait until you get started! I want to do a 5K some day too...
Have a great day.

Michele  – (12:34 PM)  

omg love the crocs! i have 3 pairs. i love my mary jane crocs and my flip flop crocs and my black slide crocs. there are so many styles now and they are great in every way.

super comfortable. feet don't sweat. good for foot problems. i can't say enough. i bought mine from, but your site seems to have all the styles plus discounts.

ok enough about crocs..i could go on forever about crocs. just stopped by to say hi and i like your new site design.

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