my weekend officially starts at 1:00 when i leave work, meet eric, and hit the road for pittsburgh... i'm hoping the rain holds off for a while, nothing like driving 4 hours when the weather is crappy... we have plans to see his dad in rehab and see his mom as well, who also had a scare this week medically - she's fine now but i'm sure with all the added stress, it hasn't been easy for her... i decided to pick-up some flowers and take a nice arrangement for her - they always make people feel better plus they make the house smell good... :o)

i'm not sure if you've heard about it but there's a petition going around
for a new bill in congress... the Personal Health Investment Today (PHIT) Act would let americans put up to $1,000 a year in pre-tax health savings accounts to pay for exercise programs, gym memberships, fitness equipment and sports-league fees for kids and adults... please pass this along and add your name to the petition - its for a great cause...

yesterday, i sent an email to my girlfriend and told her about my 5K training and she called saying her and another friend of ours are doing the same thing (they both have 3 kids, mind you!)... granted, they're not joining the running club but they'd like to do 3-days a week which means i can join them on thursday nights... that is so cool! now i'll have someone to run with at the race AND i'll be able to see them more, so its a win/win situation! :o)

i'm looking forward to monday and getting back on the treadmill, i haven't been very good about my food lately since things will change once i start training... i usually have a bagel and cream cheese on fridays (my weekly treat) but then my coworker was like, "so-and-so downstairs brought donuts, do you want one?"... ugh, why couldn't i just say no? now i regret eating it, even though it was really, really good... ;o)

have a great weekend...

Anonymous –   – (2:02 PM)  

MMMMM donuts...don't worry as long as you enjoyed it, that is all that matters. have fun this weekend, enjoy Pittsburgh

~♥ Amanda ♥~  – (2:23 PM)  

have a good weekend in pittsburgh! it's been ages since i've had donuts, now i'm craving them!

kelly  – (3:56 PM)  

have fun on your trip!! i'm jealous your day ends so early! i'm still here at work. boo :(

and you should treat yourself to a delicious donut every once in a while, you deserve it!!

Sonya  – (10:02 PM)  

Running with someone else REALLY helps - it makes the time go by sooo much faster.

Have a safe trip to Pittsburgh.

And you wouldn't be human if you resisted a yummy donut.:o)

Mandy  – (12:34 AM)  

I say it's okay to say yes to donuts as long as it's only once in a while. We'd go crazy if we didn't indulge from time to time. I hope it was delicious!

duenneschen  – (9:52 AM)  

that is so awesome that your gfs are doing it too! i find its so much more enjoyable when you have others to workout with!

have a great weekend!!!

marie  – (4:53 PM)  

a donut arrived on my desk today and i ate it too considering it's been years since i've had one :)

hope you enjoy your new running pals!

iportion  – (11:55 PM)  

Have a good weekend :-)
and thanks for the info

metamorphose  – (3:02 AM)  

I fell victim to the free work donuts last week as well. Oy!

Hope you had a good time in Pittsburgh. :)

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