its a bit early for flip-flops

work has been extremely slow and boring as of late, so i'm thankful to be leaving early today for a dentist appt... plus, its supposed to be 70 degrees and i'm looking forward to driving w/the windows down - spring is so close, i can taste it... i miss walking around my neighborhood so it will be nice to go walking again esp. since its staying lighter later... there's one house that has a huge newfoundland so i try to go past there and give him a good rub... :-)

i had a fun on sunday and spent the afternoon with a bunch of 7-year olds - oh to be that young again, full of energy, and so oblivious to the world... the birthday girl was busy skating so i got to hang out w/her little sister and brother, who were fighting over goldfish crackers... i stayed for pizza/cake and then went home for a bit before running to my mom's, and then back down to my friend's for dinner... we decided on sushi and had an awesome meal full of fish, rice, and veggies - sushi is such a great thing because you never feel stuffed or bloated... :-o

monday was a bit rough - i was pretty emotional for most of the day but still went to the gym for a good 40-minute workout... i just have a lot on my mind again so i'm glad to be feeling better today...

according to hungry girl, its national chocolate week so eat up (in moderation of course)... :-)

happy tuesday...

KL  – (4:40 PM)  

I disagree ... It's NEVER too early for flip-flops. But then again, I'm a Texan who's never lived north of Atlanta.

iportion  – (6:37 PM)  

chocolate week so cool.
I like crocs but as indoor shoes.
where I live boots a good part of the year for outside

kelly  – (7:54 PM)  

mmm national chocolate week! hello 100 calorie hostess cupcakes :)

duenneschen  – (8:03 PM)  

i totally agree with you!!

and what about wife beaters and shorts?!

hello, we COULD still have a snow/ice storm!

Peeling off the layers.....  – (8:57 PM)  

Happy Birthday!! Love the jacket!!
Thank you for the nice comments on my weight loss :o)

Anne  – (10:12 PM)  

I also love that it's spring!!!!!!, well almost ;)

Twisted Cinderella  – (10:27 PM)  

I am soooo looking forward to spring too! Speaking of chocolate week, I made a chocolate tofu pudding tonight that was out of this world!

lovelines  – (12:58 AM)  

I love sushi! It always tastes healthy, somewhow, while still tasting like a treat. I've heard the customary Japanese diet is one of the healthiest in the world!

marie  – (10:36 AM)  

it was double digits temps (in celcius, mind you) and people were wearing shorts and capris yesterday!

I'm so glad we have weeks to celebrate yummy foods - hurrah!

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