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i... am... sick... of... this... cold... weather... and... ready... for... spring... :o)

my weekend was good - productive and relaxing - and most importantly, eric was home safe and sound... it was good to see him though he was a bit drained from the whole trip and from driving 14 hours but by sunday, he was feeling more like himself... we caught up on some episodes of rome and lost, and for dinner i made homemade lasagna and bread with oregano/garlic butter... mmm mmm... we also took the bike out for a bit on saturday since it was so nice but by the time 6:00 rolled around, it was quite cold and my face was frozen... ah, what fun... :o)

i managed to get up early on saturday (crazy huh) and do my pilates workout before getting my license and running a few other errands... i then met my friend daisy for lunch at baja and chose the chicken salad (only ate half the shell instead of the whole thing) and smothered it with their smokey, chipotle sauce... even though i'm not counting points, there's still a tiny voice in the back of my head estimating numbers - foo had the same kind of comment on her blog... its like WW brainwashes you into always thinking about numbers and i'm not condeming the plan in any way, shape, or form - i'm just saying that even when i don't want to keep track, i probably am anyway...

wednesday was supposed to be the big trip to NYC with my sister, nieces, and mom to see the *emeril live* show but she found over the weekend, by chance, that no one under 18 is allowed for tapings... she is quite upset esp. since its not printed on the tickets - they live in western maryland where its country and pretty isolated so this trip was like the most exciting thing in the world to them (they even prayed about it in church on sunday!)... so needless to say, we'll have to plan another trip for the future and when its warmer - the forecast for tomorrow says snow and highs in the 20s so i'm really not that upset if we don't go... i'll be heading up to NJ in a few weeks anyway to see my friend that is getting married in august so saving gas/tolls is a-okay with me...

happy tuesday...

Sizzle  – (10:57 AM)  

that's pretty cold! i'd be over it too. yesterday it was crisp but blue skies here- a welcomed sight after all the gray days. something about spring... it just makes me feel alive with possibility.

i know what you and foo mean about the points. i haven't done WW in a year but i still think in those terms.

Anne  – (11:03 AM)  

Soooo cold here too. Can't wait for spring! it's -42C today and it's going to be 5C this weekend. What's up with that?!

~♥ Amanda ♥~  – (11:25 AM)  

brrr, i hate this cold weather too! your dinner sounds yummy! glad eric made it home safe and sound. isn't it crazy how your mind is always thinking about points!!

cdurkee  – (1:25 PM)  

I'm surprised about "Emeril Live" being 18 and older. Emeril keeps a refrigerator full of ice cream just for the kids and invites them all up to visit him and have ice cream during one of the commercial breaks. I'm curious as to who told your Mom this. Emeril LOVES kids!

jodi  – (1:37 PM)  

i'm just going by what several websites had posted: no one under 18 is allowed... i'm sure he loves kids but on the tickets there is a list of things you can't do - like ask for autographs, take pics, etc... like i said, i'm not heartbroken - i'd rather see martha or rachael anyway... :-)

kelly  – (4:37 PM)  

i love NYC! definitely wait until it gets warmer. the wind and the lack of taxis when you're freezing is unbareable!

maybe its a liability if emeril gets some (BAM!) hot spices in a minor's eye. hehe :P

metamorphose  – (5:22 PM)  

Some of these comments make me laugh, "Emeril LOVES kids!" Oh so creepy pedophile! haha

Winter blows. I'm hoping it doesn't ever snow here again. EVER.

iportion  – (6:09 PM)  

Sorry your trip was messed up.
Maybe you should call them up and ask about under age and how the kids invited to the show are picked.

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