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just finished workout #2 of week #1 of C25K and it went pretty well - i was going to walk an additional 10 minutes but after my 5, my foot was getting sore and i thought i should stop... otherwise, it went great so i think this is the right program for me to get back into the groove... my doctor gave me the green light and said surgery on the left foot is a definite yes, its just up to me when i want to do it... hopefully, not in the near future and certainly not during the winter again...

i took my measurements this morning and will begin keeping track of those, as well as my weight which i will post on the sidebar... i'm not surprised at the gain but know its only temporary so i'm moving on... for lunch today, i enjoyed an awesome salad today consisting of: spinach, red peppers, snow peas, mandarin oranges, and feta cheese - topped w/the ken's lite asian sesame ginger & soy dressing... mmm mmm... i need to add something w/crunch though so i'll probably add some walnuts and some avacado that i forgot... for a snack later, i have cottage cheese and fruit, as well as a can of spicy V-8... my goal is to eat more fruits, veggies, and whole grains - i had kashi's golean crunch for breakfast and it was pretty tasty... :o)

eric and i are going for sushi after work so i'm looking forward to that - its a perfect meal because its healthy (depending on what you get of course), light, and not very filling... i didn't get my walk in after work yesterday because there were rumblings of thunder and a threat of rain so maybe i'll get one in on thursday...

happy hump day...

Kim  – (4:00 PM)  

Way to go with the C25K!! I have GOT to push myself to start that. :(

The salad that you made sounds awesome. This is a great time of year to branch out and add more veggies to the mix.

I think that I may have to try that dressing you mentioned!!

Greta & Gurdy  – (8:47 AM)  

SUSHI is my FAV! Hubby and I just agreed last night we were going out for it this weekend.

That Ken's dressing is really good on tuna steaks too. I'll buy some sashimi grade tuna and marinate it in the ken's for just a bit and then pan sear it, slice it (which looks beautiful with all thatred inside) and serve with salad. SO yummy.

k  – (3:01 PM)  

I love that dressing...and sushi, yah, me and sushi are getting married. Love it! Congrats on week 2 of C25K.

Lilianna's mommy  – (4:35 PM)  

ooooooo, I LOVE sushi! And Kashi is pretty tasty too, I bring some along to the movies, crunchy, sweet, low-fat, it's perfect!

Dee  – (5:26 PM)  

Good idea to take it easy on your foot, but good job on the C25K!

PearShapedGirl  – (5:28 PM)  

I just finished Day 2 of C25K this morning! I guess we're in synch. Glad to hear that it's been going okay and that you're foot isn't bugging you too bad. Getting in more fruits and veggies and whole grains is a great idea, good goal.

Have fun going out for sushi!

Take care,

Anonymous –   – (6:05 PM)  

I have to take my measurments as well...I just don't want to, you have courage my girl :)

TrixieBelden  – (11:20 PM)  

I loooove sushi! I am living vicariously through you :) That and I'd never be able to do a C25K! You rock!

Sonya  – (9:19 AM)  

Way to go on the run!!!!

And sushi is soooo yummy. Enjoy.

~♥ Amanda ♥~  – (9:48 AM)  

way to go on the run! i like the idea of measurements, it's nice to see them shrinking even though the scale may not be!

Trish  – (1:08 PM)  

Mmmm...sushi :) I am going to look at a running clinic - because I do want to run! I just get lazy, though I could elliptical my @$$ off :)

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