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sunday was another relaxing day at home, minus a brief shopping trip to find some slip-on sneakers for metroing, and to the grocery store... i found some cute converse ones but checked 2 other places (cus i like to comparison-shop) and will probably go back and get them... i also finished you on a diet and i found most of it to be pretty hokey - i probably won't follow the 'diet' portion but i'll take into account some things that were mentioned...

1. keep track of what your stomach is telling you - not what's happening on the outside
2. pick one meal a day and eat the same thing -decreases temptation for other foods
when confronted w/the urge to eat, find a substitute - do something else
4. keep your hands busy - like when watching tv, etc.
5. walk for at least 30-minutes a day
6. when confronted w/the urge to eat, think about the WHAT and the WHY first
7. seek out professional interactions with other people

my next book will be the four day win plan by martha beck, which was reviewed by several bloggers here and here...
since my exercise routine dramatically changed in january, it made me put things into a different perspective and really think about what i want... i'm trying to learn what i'm doing/not doing, why i'm doing/not doing it, and how its affecting my long-term goal(s)... i'm also leaning towards not 'dieting' for a while and yes, that may sound stupid to some of you but honestly - not worrying about how many points i have left for the day or if i calculated something right has been an amazing relief... i'm going to focus more on what i'm DOING and not just what i'm EATING - hopefully my body will respond in a good way... if i can lose a few pounds, then great but if my body is happy where it is - i will accept it and never let the scale ruin my day again...

when i signed up for the runners program, i did it for several reasons - to challenge myself, to try something different, and to meet new people... there are SO many exciting things out there for us to take advantage of, and i realized that i don't want my life to be guided by "what ifs" anymore... i want to live in the here and now and i'm so thankful to truly understand what that means... life is just too damn short to be worrying about little stuff - BE yourself, LOVE yourself, and DO what makes you happy cus that my friends, is what life's really about... :o)

happy tuesday...

Anonymous –   – (12:04 PM)  

so true, so true. Your last paragraph really touched me, we sometimes forgt about the true meaning of life and what it is to be happy, thanks for making me realize to look at the big picture and not sweat the small stuff :)Have a greta day babes ciao ciao

Jeni  – (12:20 PM)  

I totally agree with Christina and I needed to read that last paragraph today. We'll never look back on our lives and remember what we didn't do - it's things we choose to make happen that count!

Anonymous –   – (12:39 PM)  

You know what was really amazing? When I was out of town and lost that weight even while I was partying hearty with Lemon Droppage??? I realize that all I did was order semi-healthy but listen to my stomach say, "hey, I am not starving so let's stop!".

I know you are totally gonna get this!

marie  – (12:47 PM)  

amen! so tired of the what ifs. very important to try and so what if we fail? at least we know what are strengths and weaknesses are and we can have fun, do something healthy and make friends doing it. far more benefits there if you ask me! :)

thrilled  – (12:55 PM)  

That's what I'm trying to do to. And I lost 4 pounds last week! Granted, it was my first week, but it gives me hope that we can do this thing we're doing and not get obsessed or even have to think about calories or points or fat grams or carbs or whatever. Trusting our bodies is so freeing!

~♥ Amanda ♥~  – (1:01 PM)  

what a great post!!! that's a good idea to not worry about points, it can be stressful sometimes!!!! and i love the last paragraph, what a great way to think! we all need to do that more often!

kelly  – (1:06 PM)  

a dieting/eating suggestion that i read really stuck with me: with each bite you take, make sure you really taste the food and think about the texture, the type of food and don't just mindlessly eat. i try to do that but sometimes it's just fun to munch!

joining a running club, what a great idea. i bet that will give you so much structure as far as exercising and especially running. let us know how it goes!!

Anonymous –   – (1:06 PM)  

Hey Jodi
I was wondering how to get a picure posted in my comments like you have, everytime I try it doesn't work. I have been fiddling around with this forever!!! I want to add it to my profile and my comments, I am hopeless

Twisted Cinderella  – (1:24 PM)  

I am leaning towards doing the same thing on my weightloss journey. I have been fighting this battle for 15 months now and I haven't lost one single pound since October. I am thinking of concentrating on eating healthy and getting active and leaving at that for a while

Anonymous –   – (2:04 PM)  

you are the bomb babes!!!!
thanks my pic now works yeah!

Chris H  – (4:08 PM)  

I loved your last paragraph too, it is exactly how I live my life now.... no more looking back.

Sonya  – (6:34 PM)  

Great post! You're absolutely right - living for today is really important.

And also, you're right to not sweat over every last point. Enjoy being healthy, and the rest will follow.

jen  – (10:16 PM)  

I love Converse!

I agree that YOAD was hokey. All the mixed metaphors started to be distracting after the first few pages. I like the Four Day Win book better.

duenneschen  – (10:38 PM)  

i think you are setting a great example by your goals!

not all of us are so self-aware and gutsy to try NOT dieting!

i hope you find all that your searching for!

Living to Feel Good  – (12:02 AM)  

Amen to your last paragraph!! I totally agree!!

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