closer to 40 than i am to 30

the weekend is upon us, what do YOU have planned? because its friday and i ain't got shit to do - here are some fellow bloggers that deserve whoo hooo carrots for various things this week (meaning, its not necessarily weightloss-related)... as for me, i'm going to enjoy my last day and half of being 35 - who knows, perhaps i will do a birthday reflection on sunday...

- foo is working on letting-go of the past and focusing on the here and now
- anne is taking her first pilates class on monday
- nicole has lost over 100 pounds and marie has lost over 70!
- jackie is back on track, after the passing of her best friend/mom
- trixie is going to concentrate on how she feels instead of how she looks
- sarah introduced us to a new cereal
- renee is changing

happy friday and have a great weekend... :o)

Anne  – (9:37 PM)  

Thanks for the shout out :)I can't wait to tell you about my first class. I hope you have a fabulous birthday weekend!

duenneschen  – (11:52 AM)  

i absolutely love your positivity!!!!

TrixieBelden  – (1:26 AM)  

Hey! thanks for the shout out! I found some blogs on your list that I hadn't visited before so it was very fun. Have a rockin birthday!

Living to Feel Good  – (5:25 AM)  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope it's a good one. :D

Janet  – (9:25 AM)  

First time here (at least I think) and I arrived on your birthday! Happy Birthday! Age is just a number, right? Of course now that I'm on the eve of 30 I can start saying that and try to believe it.:)

Twisted Cinderella  – (10:13 AM)  

Great links. I have popped over and visited some of them and am heading over to visit the rest.

Have a great weekend!

KL  – (10:53 AM)  


Sounds like you're being pretty positive about it. My only difficult birthday so far was 29. To me, that meant there was no turning back. 30 & 31 were really easy after that one. Do something fun to celebrate!

marie  – (1:41 PM)  

WOOHOO! thank you so much! enjoy your weekend! you totally deserve it!

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