what's in a number

i know it happens all the time but its never happened to me - someone stole my check card number and bought something online two days ago ($107.59)... if i hadn't been updating my spreadsheets and quicken, i would have never looked at my bank account and noticed - how scary is that!!! so i spent the next hour or so calling paypal and then my bank, being told i would be issued a new card, and that i had to fill-out a fraud affidavite form ASAP... happy wednesday to me indeed - double ugh... i didn't watch LOST but was able to enjoy the fire i made so i gave max a good brushy-brush, and then took my nightly bath... *sigh*

speaking of max - if you're a cat lover, you HAVE to watch this video... i wonder what they put on the keys - maybe some catnip... :-)

besides the excitement last night, not much else is going on... my 19-year old niece had surgery on her leg this week and was put in a full-body cast (she was born with an underdeveloped right leg and wears a prosthesis on her left) so my mom and i may go see her on sunday... eric also has his first frisbee game that day and yes, he plays ultimate and loves it... i told him we could celebrate my bday saturday night by going to this pizza place he keeps telling me about in DC - i can't think of a better way to celebrate turning (gulp) 36.. then again - being flown to a tropical island, with a private hut on the beach, and an unlimited amount of margaritas in hand would be okay too (all calorie-free of course)... ;-)

happy thursday...

metamorphose  – (12:47 PM)  

Scary. Ugh. I'm just waiting until the day that happens to me. I'm hoping that if anyone has my info out there, they realized that I'm broke, so it's basically useless.

Glad you caught it!

kelly  – (1:41 PM)  

that visual DNA thing is so cool...i'm going to try it out.

you also have to watch out that you get the right credit card back from bars! like if you start a tab. my sister got a card back that looked just like hers and then realized it wasn't. she took it back to the bar but hers was gone and that sucker spent $500 and tried to use it at 3 different ATMS! :O there are some real assholes out there...

Vickie  – (2:47 PM)  

Are you talking about frisbee golf? we played all one summer while on campus at college (working - everyone else went home - just a few dozen of us stayed - great summer).

nakedpastor  – (5:05 PM)  

i found your blog, and thought i'd just wish you a happy thursday and a happy birthday. i like your writing. personal. diary-ish. thanks.

TrixieBelden  – (9:07 PM)  

that sounds like a great way to celebrate a birthday!

i think you can watch any episodes of lost you've missed on abc.com

metamorphose  – (3:20 PM)  

Oh and -have a Happy Birthday!

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