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thought i would start the week off with a fun question... if you could have anyone's body, who would it be? it can be a movie star, singer, friend, etc. - mine would be ms. jameson (NSFW)...

when i went grocery shopping yesterday, i had to pick up some LC meals for eric... besides being 1/2 off (what a deal that is!), i was thrilled to see they had one of the new pizzas i talked about last week... i quickly grabbed two and will let you know what i think later this week...

got my exercise in both days this weekend - spin class on saturday and a nice walk yesterday... food was okay, i'm sure i used some flex points esp. after yesterday and eating a corn dog (we went to a local fair)... for dinner, i made stuffed peppers and a nice salad so i think i did pretty good there... some of my clothes are beginning to feel a bit looser (yeee haaa) and when i went shopping on saturday, one of the dresses i bought was a size 10... i'm wearing it today and it even makes me LOOK thinner too, what a great thing... :o)

how many of you received a letter re: a new talkshow and wanting to discuss weightloss? i saw that the same person posted on another blog's comment section, just curious to see how many got it AND who's actually going to call? i may do it - what the hell, right?

excerpt from the book i'm reading: "we are very much in favor of movement and exercise. we know, however, that women think about exercise in tandem with diets - as a means toward weight loss. in order to make movement or exercise a permanent part of your life, you must disassociate it from the issue of losing weight. then you can challenge your ideas about what what your body can and cannot do."

i'm going to try my hardest to look at exercising in a different way - when i went walking yesterday, i thought about how great it felt to be outside and moving... how the sun felt on my skin and how the sweat felt dripping down my arms... how the music made me energized and want to keep going... we should ALL find something about exercise that we enjoy, other than it will help us lose weight... it should be pleasurable and we should enjoy it, regardless of our size... :o)

happy monday...

"The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure."

iportion  – (1:43 PM)  

Other than afew changes um
I like my own body it my have loose skin and all but it's mine

Becky  – (2:38 PM)  

lol woman you are going to get me fired, i got firewalled when I tried to open up that jenna jameson link LOL :)

I did call the woman already and left her a message. who knows?maybe they'll fly us out to LA, treat us like queens, and put us on TV...I can live with that!

Have a great week!!!

Living to Feel Good  – (12:40 AM)  

I tried those this weekend. I've been searching for them since you mentioned them, and finally found them. I've tried the mushroom one, and I really liked it. The only this is it feels like I am eating an appetizer rather than a meal. Still good though. My husband liked the garlic chicken one. I was going to blog about it and link you, but I didn't get around to it. Enjoy them!

~Les  – (1:14 PM)  

I got that e-mail too, and I was kinda curious... Heh, I might call, who knows?

Uh, Jenna is HOT. Seriously, she's HOT as hell, girlfriend, so I can totally get on board with having a smokin' body like hers!


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