i'm sore... really sore

i'm a big fan of the new lean cuisine meals, i have found most of them to be pretty darn tasty (swedish meatballs, meatload and lasagna are my top 3)... i get periodic emails from them and today they were promoting a new wellness tool option that will create menu plans for you and keep track of calories, etc... i think its a great service but its nothing new and nothing fitday or sparkpeople don't already provide... since i was there, i checked out the new products and found this --> brick oven style pizza... i LOVE LOVE LOVE pizza and have to say, these look amazing... and for only 6 points, that's not a bad deal right? has anyone seen and/or tried them? i'm so going to the store this week to see if i can find them...

the movie last night was good but it was HOT HOT HOT... eric didn't bring shorts and was stuck in his jeans, sweating like a pig, poor guy... we had all sorts of semi-healthy food to snack on: fruit salad, sundried tomato hummus, crusty bread, crackers, whole wheat pita, monterey/pepperjack cheese, and lambrusca (cold, sweet, fruity, and very tasty red wine)... people had brought coolers, umbrellas and even an inflatable palm tree - they must be the diehard mall-movie goers... we didn't get home til almost midnight and after playing w/the kitties, taking a much needed shower and going to bed, it was almost 1am... i hate long nights, it makes the morning come all that much quicker...

my arms and legs are a bit sore from yesterday's workout... today is cardio so i may do the eliptical since it puts less stress on your legs (plus i'll burn more calories)... weigh-in is tomorrow, i am hopeful so we'll see how it goes... i am SO looking forward to having the day off, sleeping in, hanging by the pool, and going to pilates class - only 2 more classes left til the end of september... guess i'll have to do my own thing until then...

happy tuesday

Belladora  – (1:29 PM)  

Those pizzas look scrumptious!!!

NotSoFatGirl  – (3:47 PM)  

WOW, those pizzas look good! I like those Lean Cuisine meals, too... so hopefully they're as good as they look!

iportion  – (4:39 PM)  

Sorry you are sore

I haven't tried them but they sound yummy.

crackmonkee  – (5:34 PM)  

Those pizza's look really good, I'm gonig to have to keep my eye out for them!

Living to Feel Good  – (8:36 PM)  

Oh man!! Thanks for posting the link to the new pizzas! I'm a LC fan too, and I can't wait to try them. I told my husband as I was reading your blog, and he said "I'm in!! Let's go get them!!" LoL. Hopefully they are good. I like the french bread pizza they have, but I think their regular pepperoni is boring. Not sure why there would be a difference.

You are so right about how bad the 8 min workout is. LOL. My husband and I are always saying "hey gang" like the guy in the dvd. It is so cheesy, but I actually really like doing the workout and I see results when I do the ab one for a couple weeks straight, so I am doing them again. What's really bad is when you whistle along to the bad music. LOL yep that's me! :D

~Les  – (9:20 PM)  

What a fun idea, that movie thing! But yes, 100 degrees does suck pretty bad.

Uh, would that be Riunite Lambrusco? Yeah, that's my fave. Glad it's CHEAP!


Hope4Baby  – (9:10 AM)  

I love LC too, I saw that pizza like a month ago, but I still haven't seen it in stores! It looks so good! I can't wait to try it!

Good luck at your weigh in!

Sorry your sore... me too!

Ro  – (9:42 AM)  

I eat the pizzas regularly and LOVE them. They are addictive though so be careful :)

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