its only tuesday

not much going on in blogland today... i'm not feeling myself and am struggling to make it thru the rest of the day... i can't even get excited about an interview i have on friday evening with a design firm, maybe by then i will be... i have been struggling off and on whether to stay here or move on - i'm the senior designer so there's not much room to move up the ladder... the workload is pretty steady but the projects are boring and i sometimes feel like my talent is going to waste... the plusses are: great benefits, my own office w/a window, gym is in the same building, my boss doesn't micromanage, and i can read blogs all day if my work is done... i'm also 100% vested in my 401k so that's another plus...

when i spoke to a close friend (and former coworker) about my thoughts on leaving she said, "stay there til you're married and when you start having a family, then quit"... kate was recently engaged when i first came here and on the verge of planning her wedding - which she happily likes to admit, "i planned it all while working here"... since my hopes of becoming engaged soon have been crushed, i don't even want to think about that stuff right now and it's not helping that my best friend is just starting her own wedding planning... it tears me apart hearing about churches and reception sites, almost to the point of being sick in the stomach but i will be there for her, esp. since she has NO idea what she's doing... ;o)

food has been okay, exercise will be cardio today - pulled a muscle in my arm yesterday while doing pull-ups and man did that ever hurt... wonder if i can get in another 30 mins. on the treadmill OR if i should do a longer workout on the eliptical... decisions decisions...

happy tuesday

The greatest essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love and something to hope for.

iportion  – (7:35 PM)  

Here is a ((Hug))) hope you find someone who cherishes you and a job you respect and can grow in.

Ro  – (9:45 AM)  

Hey Jodi its okay I know where you are coming from, remember things happen for a reason. And you will definitely find the right one for you, who deserves you and loves you!

And just a suggestion I know a lot of people who got in trouble for putting their companies name on their blog because someone "stumbled" on it. You may want to take it off or give it a nickname like "the dungeon" :)
Have a great day!

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