who says i'm weird

taken from foodfight, here's my list 5 things that are weird and/or habits...

  • if a cabinet door is open, i have to close it
  • i always make sure the doors are locked before going to bed, sometimes twice
  • i can't fall asleep on my right side
  • i wear my clothes in order and everything is arranged by color
  • i can't sleep in anything moving esp. cars and planes

Hope4Baby  – (9:16 AM)  

I love reading these!

Wow! I would love to be that organized with my clothes. Reading these a few people have commented on there clothes.. I just pick up whatever is clean..

Ro  – (10:40 AM)  

I can't go to sleep either withoutr checking the doors most of the time twice. And I cant fall asleep lyin on my back.

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