the weekend starts in 4 hours

interesting article on diet blog today about weight watchers and how attendance (in the UK) is down 15% over the last year... could this be attributed to more online diet programs? who knows, maybe more people would rather use their computer than drive to a weekly meeting? i haven't been to one in years but totally support those that go because i think it does work... the article also mentions that WW is coming out w/a revamped and simpler plan next year - how exciting... :o)

i'm happy its friday even though i only worked 4 days and had off on wednesday... we've been very busy at work w/various conferences and promotions and yes, i'm still working on that 400 page publication... i'm looking forward to having a few days off in two weeks, not sure if i've mentioned going to the beach w/my girlfriends or not... carly is turning 30 so she rented this house in dewey and invited all her girlfriends to celebrate... i'm not one for large crowds esp. in a house setting so this should be interesting... i'm also not much into partying and drinking til you puke either so i'll probably be the mother-hen as usual... my close friends like to tease me about never seeing me drunk and i usually laugh it off but it really upsets me - i just don't understand why its such a big deal (even eric has said he won't marry me til he sees me drunk - huh?)... i'm worried about exercise/food but will do my best under the circumstances - i can take daily walks for sure but am considering taking my bike... we'll see...

plans for the weekend so far: spin class and getting my haircut tomorrow... also may do some shopping w/my mom since she got these great deals at the mall last week and i could use a new dress or two... eric and i may watch "V for Vendetta" and possibly hit a local fair that starts on saturday - i told him we could take the bike and he was happy... when did i become such a harley freak, i'll never know... ;o)

happy friday everyone...

Kim  – (2:41 PM)  

Happy Friday to you too! I hope that you have a WONDERFUL weekend!!

The Venus  – (3:18 PM)  

V for Vendetta was really good. I was impressed. Sounds like a great weekend you have planned, have a good time!

Living to Feel Good  – (11:06 PM)  

Sounds like you have a lovely day planned. Getting your hair cut is always nice! It can really change the way you feel that day.

Can't wait to see the new revamped WW plan! And my leader and I have become friend, and she thinks the decline in members is due to Jenny Craig and Kirstie Alley losing all her weight by following JC. There might be some truth to that one. People tend to follow where they see results or the new magic potion. You know?
I'll stick to WW thank you! :)

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