manic monday

its monday again and i'm not looking forward to a full week - last week spoiled me... i AM happy to report though that i am done formatting this publication i've been working on so now there's just final reviews/edits and off to the printer it goes... i feel like i've been working on this thing FORever even though its only been 4 weeks - i'm thrilled regardless... :o)

saturday's game was great and apparently we had $250 seats, according to my friend mike... the club level was like another world - marble floors, distressed leather chairs in the lounges w/flatscreen tvs, nice bathrooms, bars, restaurants, etc.... eric spent something like $30 on 2 hotdogs, 2 beers and a large fry - how funny is that (i did keep the souvenier cups though cus i'm lame)... traffic was slow getting in/out but not as bad as we expected and because there was a chance of rain, we took the mini and not the harley... and of course, it never rained! :o(

'snakes on a plane' was okay, i'll give it a 6/10... there were definitely some funny parts but there were also some pretty silly parts as well... we went to see the matinee and would say the theatre was half-full, i was expecting it to be packed... also, the guy behind me kept kicking my seat everytime something happened on the screen so i turned around twice and yelled at him (nicely)... the rest of our sunday was spent watching the nascar race and chilling w/norman... :o)

i took a spinning class on saturday but did no exercise yesterday, not sure why, just didn't feel like it... my leg was actually hurting for most of the day because of the new flipflops i bought at the beach - sounds strange but everytime i wear them, my leg hurts... maybe they are too hard for my feet? i dunno and it makes me mad cus they're really cute and they cost $24... anyway, i am back on plan today and had a nice bowl of mixed fruit w/vanilla yogurt for lunch and plan on having a light dinner as well... i was still in vacation mode this weekend so its back to reality this week for sure... i know i'll still be up a few pounds on wednesday but hopefully not as much as i saw on the scale on thursday...

hope you're having a great monday...

Kim  – (3:37 PM)  

Wow, sounds like a great weekend! I'm glad that it was such a good time!!! :)

Becky  – (4:31 PM)  

Happy Monday! :)
I am glad you had a lovely weekend! That bowl of mixed fruit w/vanilla yogurt for lunch sounds sinful. I may just have some of that for breakfast tomorrow morning :)
Have a great week!!!

Anne  – (5:02 PM)  

I know what you mean, it's so hard getting back to eating well after being on holidays. Congrats on getting back on track.

The Venus  – (5:31 PM)  

Congratulations on finishing your project! I'm glad you had a good time at the game and a good weekend.

My husband played a funny joke on me. Apparently somewhere on the web you can program a recording of Samuel L Jackson to call someone and advertise that movie. What makes it really freaky is when I picked up the phone immediately it's Samuel saying "VENUS" blah blah blah. I recognized his voice right away so I did feel shocked for a moment then quickly realized it was fake. Funny!

iportion  – (12:09 AM)  

You sound like you have had fun.

If they hurt you get rid of them.

Belladora  – (10:58 AM)  

Stadium food is always so expensive, but damn is it GOOD!

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