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well, i made it to friday and now have 5 days at the beach to look forward too... i won't be able to completely relax til after my interview though and while updating my portfolio last night - i realized there were a few things missing... so i had to come in early this morning and print out samples before my boss arrived *whew*... i also need to invest in a bigger portfolio, its just a bit too snug w/all my printed pieces... i'll give you the 411 on thursday when i get back and tell you how it went...

i went shopping after work and picked up a few things for the trip - big lots had my favorite cereal on sale (special k w/berries) for $2.30 a box! this is like unheard of, so i stocked up... then i had to go home, do my portfolio, pack my clothes, do laundry, stop my mail, call my mom, and load things into my car... not much time to relax... i still need to hit the grocery and liquor store before we leave tomorrow, trying to get as much done now as possible...

sorry i'm not more talkative today, just in a very mellow and somber mood... hope it improves later and certainly by tomorrow... maybe i'm subconsciously worried about overeating and drinking at the beach... ugh! hate to see all my hardwork go to waste...

TGIF and have a great weekend!

Belladora  – (9:51 AM)  

Hope you are having a great, relaxing time:)

Kim  – (6:36 PM)  

Enjoy your time at the beach! I hope that it is wonderful!!

The Venus  – (11:52 AM)  

I hope you are having a wonderful vacation! :)

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