wednesday weigh-in

08/02: 164.2
08/09: 162.2
loss: -2 lbs.

i don't think i've seen this weight since last fall so to say i'm a bit happy this morning, would be an under statement... and yes, i stepped on the scale more than once just to be sure (don't we all?)... i feel i did very well w/my food and exercise last week so i'm going to keep up the good work... course my first thought was, "i'm sure i'll see a gain next week after i get back from the beach" but for now, i will take it... :o)

i'm thankful that my mood has also improved since yesterday... on monday night, eric and i got into a very emotional discussion about some areas of our relationship and where its going - one could call them very eye-opening... we are still together but there are just things that need resolved before a more serious commitment (engagement) is made... i love him dearly and the thought of not having him in my life, at this point, is devastating... he is more than i could ever want in a boyfriend and am SO very thankful to have him (and norman) in my life... ;o)

pizza update: i tried the lean cuisine roasted garlic chicken pizza last night and have to say, it was pretty darn good... yea, it was a bit on the small side but the crust was crunchy, the flavor was nice and it was a pretty satisfying dinner (says the girl that can eat a WHOLE digiorno thin crust pizza in one sitting)... and for 6 points, i would recommend trying it esp. if you're a pizza-lover like me... :o)

weekly dare:
This daring female worksheet contains some questions to prompt you to think about various areas of your life. Print it out, find a few free minutes, and make a deal with yourself to write down the answers that are honest and that you feel genuinely express how you feel. This is your time and the worksheet is your space to un-clutter your mind, to not worry about what anyone else might think, and be HONEST.

happy hump day...

Belladora  – (12:33 PM)  

Great job on the loss!

Belladora  – (12:33 PM)  
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Ro  – (12:43 PM)  

Great Job! And I hope you and your hon work things out. Just as long as your happy.....

Hope4Baby  – (1:09 PM)  

Great job on the loss!

I so want to try that pizza! They still don't have it in my stores, but it looks so good!

Becky  – (2:12 PM)  

woohoo!! :)

crackmonkee  – (11:11 AM)  

Congratulations on your loss!!!

metamorphose  – (2:27 PM)  

Great job on the loss! I'll have to try out that pizza as well...sounds pretty yummy!

SheShe  – (3:34 PM)  

Thanks for the comment :)

P.S.: i LOVE those LC pizzas!!

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