weekly weigh-in

last week: 163.2
this week: 164.4
gain: 1 lb.

i weighed myself yesterday morning and decided to wait until this morning to see if what i had to eat on tuesday caused the gain - obviously not, i was the same both days (damnit!)... so as a result, i threw away some klondike 'light' ice cream samiches that i bought last week - even though they're only 2 points, i really don't need to be eating them... you know how it is when you have a good streak going - cheating seems like such a reward for losing weight... it doesn't make any sense but we do it anyway, at least i do, and i'm not afraid to admit it... as with any new plan, my body is still adjusting i guess so i just need to be patient and continue moving ahead...

since i had off yesterday, i left eric's after he went to work and came home before heading out again for my doctor's appts later in the day... i did the treadmil for 40 minutes and jogged for almost 30 of it - yeee haaa, that's the longest i've run in a long time... i had thought about going to the pool but it was way too hot and decided it wouldn't be worth the effort... my stitches were taken out and was told my mole was just that, nothing cancerous, so that's good news...

i went to my mom's for a while and then headed to the dentists - the woman who cleans my teeth was like, "wow, have you lost weight, you look great" and for once i replied, "yea, i have, thank-you" (i'm terrible w/receiving compliments, by the way)... from there, it was time for pilates and then home for dinner... busy day off, to say the least... my annoying neighbor was on the treadmill at 11:30pm, i was THIS close to banging on the wall but thankfully, having the a/c on muted most of the noise... how can people be so inconsiderate! i so hate apartment living sometimes...

happy thursday...

Kim  – (10:16 AM)  

Congrats on putting so in so much time running on the treadmill! That's great! I'm still a walker, but I look forward to the day when I can break into the world of "jogging" without nearly killing myself! :)

Belladora  – (10:36 AM)  

I don't get why it is that everyone in the blogging world always seems to gain or lose at the same time. Makes no sense.

Congrats on the compliments. They are the greatest reward:)

iportion  – (10:49 AM)  

glad your loss went well

Hope4Baby  – (12:53 PM)  

I can't ever imagine running or jogging, good job!

Sorry about the gain, try not to let it get you down.

Becky  – (10:11 AM)  

Hi Jodi!
It's funny but the other day I was working out really hard at the gym and I told myself...do 10 more minutes on the elliptical and you can have a skinny cow ice cream.
It didn't take me but 5 seconds to know that that was not a worthy reward for my efforts. Why do i DO THAT?!
congrats on the compliments! You're doing great :)

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