its so close i can taste it

today, august 10th, is national s'mores day... wish i had one right now - gooey marshmallow, melted chocolate, fresh graham crackers... mmm mmm... makes me want to go camping... it will be weird going to the beach next week and actually having a real bed, shower and furniture other than a picnic table... my friend kate and i will be carpooling so i'll have company along the way, plus we hope to get there early and score a good room (there will be 12+ girls staying over the weekend)... we were laughing about what food to bring since most of the 'skinny' girls don't eat and when they do - its like cheese fries, nachos, pizza, and god knows what else... we're going to be the healthy ones in the house for sure, wonder if any of them have even TRIED whole wheat pasta... ah, to be young and carefree again - puhlease... ;o)

gym was okay today, did 40 minutes on the treadmill and then had enough... i'm sure i'm not the only one but there are just some days where i don't feel like exercising... last night was the last pilates class til mid-september, i've really enjoyed the class and can feel my abs have tightened up a bit since starting... i will have to pull-out my trusty, old windsor pilates dvd and do that for a while... her style is a bit different than my current instructor but at least i know i'll have better form than before...

i have a ton of stuff to do after work including errands, packing, and updating my portfolio for tomorrow's interview... i hope it goes well - sharing your work with people can be so nerve wracking because you never know what they're thinking... and if they DO make comments, you always wonder if they're just being nice or if they're being totally honest... *sigh*

happy thursday

Becky  – (8:07 PM)  

How do you like the Windsor Pilates DVD? I have been itching to do Pilates :)
I hope you have a WOMDERFUL time at the beach!!
In my Smart Girls Do Dumbbells book, the author is always saying that just getting to the gym is what counts. I agree!!! You are doing such a fantastic job.

Belladora  – (12:08 PM)  

lol, how odd...i just posted about s'mores! i'm a day late though!

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