hail to the redskins

i scored 4 tickets to the skins/jets game tomorrow night, thanks to my production coordinator and one of our print vendors... i am very excited esp. since i've (1) never been to fedex field for a football game, (2) they are 'club' seats, (3) i love football, and most importantly (4) they were FREE... since i can't go to a game and not show my support, i happily went to target after work and found a long-sleeve tshirt for the game - as well as a few other things (wink)... i'm not sure if cameras are allowed so i'll take some pics if i can... :o)

food has been okay but not great, had a craving for pizza tonight so that's what i had (but it was a harvest wheat thin crust!)... i glanced at the scale this morning and almost fell over - days of drinking and eating have caught up with me so its back to counting points starting tomorrow... i also skipped the gym today because i was busy formatting an index - sometimes i get into a groove and hate to stop (i know, silly me)... i WILL go to spinning tomorrow morning so at least i'll be starting off the weekend right...

i found this cool graphic today... if you're at all into starbucks, here's some interesting tidbits of info... hard to believe that starbucks opens 3 new stores every single day... gotta love paying $4 for a cup of coffee (mmm white chocolate mochas and pumpkin spice lattes)...

as for the weekend, i don't have anything else planned... eric and i talked about going to see 'snakes on a plane' so perhaps we'll catch a matinee on sunday... its nice to be home this weekend too since i may do some travelling to my sisters and then to pittsburgh over labor day... can't believe summer is almost over, where did it go?

have a great weekend...

Kim  – (10:58 PM)  

That's so cool about your football tickets! I hope that you have a great time. :)

I'm in Pittsburgh! (hail to the Steeler!) :)

Living to Feel Good  – (12:12 AM)  

Have fun at the game!

Those are my two favorite drinks! I almost always get the white chocolate! I love the pumpkin spice latte, and the vanilla cream frap if I want a cold drink.

The pumpkin should be here soon!

metamorphose  – (11:32 AM)  

My brother would be so jealous! He lives and dies by the Redskins. Have a fantastic time!

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