attention k-mart shoppers

just in case you are bored this weekend - i'm adding some blogs to my list and putting an * next to the ones that are brand, spanking new (i will try and do this once a month)... i may also remove some old ones so if i remove yours by mistake OR you're new to this site OR would like me to add yours, please let me know... thanks! :o)

iportion  – (8:38 PM)  

Have fun mmmm I am board too I think I will plan to go to the post office tomrrow wooo hoo

Kim  – (10:02 PM)  

Thanks for adding me to your list! :)

Christy_Ann  – (2:00 AM)  

Hi Jodi - I have been lurking on your blog for a few weeks. I enjoy your writing style and I'm a graphic designer too, although I am a full-time mum right now. See you later...!

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