what do you mean its only noon?

not much going on today ladies, so this will be a short post... i'm still have stomach issues, antacids aren't helping either so i'll give it the weekend and then call my dr. on monday if it doesn't improve... its now doing this gurgling/growling thing and i just ate! the boy is still sick so we haven't made any plans - the weather looks to be pretty decent though so i may hang by the pool tomorrow (considering it closes after labor day)... i plan on going to the 8:30am spinning class and the rest of my day is wide open - what to do, what to do... and on that note, i'll leave you w/some friday morsels... enjoy! :o)

have a great weekend everyone!

Living to Feel Good  – (7:02 PM)  

Hope everything is okay. Good plan if the pain doesn't go away. Definitely go see the doc on Monday.

Ro  – (10:12 AM)  

You should def go see a doctor if you dont feel any better. I hope eveything is ok!
I hope you have a wonderful week.

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