t-minus 5 minutes until this ship self-destructs

this week cannot end soon enough, not having anything to do (minus simple projects) is killing me... i've heard diddly-squat from that design place which is upsetting - more so that they can't send an email and tell me that they've chosen someone else, that just really burns me up... if i ever have my own agency (which i highly doubt) i would call each person on the phone and speak to them in person... enough complaining, moving on...

i've been having these weird upper abdomen, under my ribs, kinda pain - sort of like feeling hungry but more of a tight squeezing that comes and goes... it even woke me up this morning at 5:30am so i had a drink of iced tea... its not in my chest and i don't have any other symptoms, besides feeling hungry all the time... it just started yesterday, anyone ever get something like this? i'll give it another day and then i'll call my dr. if it doesn't go away... course reading stuff online never helps, the web can be such a curse sometimes (stuff like 'some heart attacks can occur w/no symptoms or warnings')... i've never had heartburn either or an ulcer, could it be something like that? you must think i'm a hypocondriac but i'm not, i just think i'm more in-tune w/my body since i'm taking better care of it - does that make any sense?

food's been good, besides feeling hungry all the time - i had a nice dinner last night and then had some sugar-free pudding AND then had some lowfat triscuits with melted cheese... i probably could've had a bowl of cereal too, but i didn't... at least i did weights and pilates yesterday - i love that class, another student said i have great form and would make a good instructor... perhaps that is my calling, hmmm... i did cardio today but only 40 minutes, didn't feel up to it really... i'm SO looking forward to this weekend even though i have nothing planned...

happy thursday...

metamorphose  – (5:32 PM)  

I agree that when you're taking better care of your body, you're more aware of what's going on. Hope it's nothing serious! Of course, I AM hypochondriac basically, so I always overeact. It's so hard not to after a self-internet diagnosis.

Belladora  – (11:15 AM)  

I'd call the doctor if it doesn't get better.

I am waiting to hear on a job as well. Such a hard thing to do. But I'm thinking positive for us both!

And I have a mostly free weekend as well. I get to sleep in on Saturday and Sunday and I CAN'T WAIT! Have a great one:)

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